Our core values are not just words on a page to us. These core values are what we believe in and we hold a zero-tolerance policy against anything that compromises our values. If a job can’t be achieved in tandem with our core values, then that job is not worth doing.

– People

Whether it be our clients, our employees or the various contractors we may work with, the importance of strong relationships can’t be stressed enough. Our greatest asset is our employees and it’s paramount that point gets expressed through not only our words but our actions. The safety of our employees means everything to us, there’s nothing more important than that.

– Integrity

Having the strength to do the right thing & be honest with each other is vital. We believe maintaining high morals and integrity is best achieved as a whole. In other words, we help each other make corrections when we’re off course, as anyone would with any friend or loved one. Our management leads by example & rewards accountability. We learn to be our best as a team which builds relationships that will endure.

– Innovation

We strive to see the world through an ardent lens. We encourage every single employee to think outside the box and to discuss every idea, big or small. The individualistic nature of our business has continued to push us to find better, safer and more efficient ways to extend the lives of pipelines. We will continue to lead the way and innovate as we always have.


IPS’ multi-stage In-Situ preparation and coating process has proven to be extremely effective in completely and uniformly covering the entire length of pipeline with a continuous epoxy barrier.


IPS will clean a pipeline so good, you be like….”daaanngg that’s a clean pipeline:”


IPS’ utilizes a multi-stage system that consists of both mechanical and chemical cleaning. Prior to coating, IPS will determine that the proper level of cleanliness has been achieved.

“The internal “in-place” cleaning and coating projects that I have been associated with have all been completed in a highly successful and professional manner. Without a doubt, the crew, with their many years of experience, is more than capable of doing an excellent job.”

Leonard ChoateTenneco Gas Transportation