The team at Internal Pipeline Services provides over 100 years of combined experience in the pipeline preservation field. They have extensive international experience with a proven track record in handling extreme environments and conditions, both onshore and offshore.

Throughout the years, a number of technologies have been introduced to tackle the variety of corrosion problems that exist in oilfield pipelines. IPS has improved upon a 60-year-old technology known as in-situ, or in-place, coating. After the internal pipe wall is thoroughly cleaned by abrasive blasting or by a system that combines progressive pigging and chemical cleaning, several coats of a suitable protective coating are applied. The IPS process is distinctive in its use of pipeline pigs to apply the protective coating.

Whether your pipeline requires cleaning prior to a corrosion tool inspection to increase throughput, or to reduce corrosion, IPS offers a wide range of cost-effective solutions. With a sheer commitment to quality and the highest dedication to customer service, IPS is the best choice for your pigging needs.


IPS’ multi-stage In-Situ preparation and coating process has proven to be extremely effective in completely and uniformly covering the entire length of pipeline with a continuous epoxy barrier.


IPS performs a variety of services including on and off-line mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, hydrostatic testing, smart pigging and more.


Our core values are not just words on a page to us. These core values are what we believe in and we hold a zero-tolerance policy against anything that compromises our values. If a job can’t be achieved in tandem with our core values, then that job is not worth doing.


IPS utilizes a multi-stage system that consists of both mechanical and chemical cleaning. Prior to coating, IPS will determine that the proper level of cleanliness has been achieved.

“IPS is a very professional organization and are very knowledgeable when it comes to Insitu Pipeline Coating.”

Frank Chauvalion