Abrasive blasting is an internal cleaning method that injects hard cleaning particles into a gaseous medium, normally nitrogen or dry compressed air. The gas or air is introduced into the pipeline in a way that creates a turbulent critical flow rate at an extremely high velocity. This process causes the abrasive cleaning particles to impact the internal surface of the pipe wall. The impact of the particles removes oxides and hard scale deposits, producing a NACE 1 finish.

Depending on the pipeline characteristics, such as diameter, bends, and other geometric considerations, a single setup can clean approximately 1/3 of the diameter, expressed in miles. For example,  a 12” pipeline can be blasted in approximately 4 mile sections in one setup, whereas a 12″ x 8 mile pipeline would be completed in 2 sections.


IPS’ multi-stage In-Situ preparation and coating process has proven to be extremely effective in completely and uniformly covering the entire length of pipeline with a continuous epoxy barrier.


IPS performs a variety of services including on and off-line mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, hydrostatic testing, smart pigging and more.


IPS’ utilizes a multi-stage system that consists of both mechanical and chemical cleaning. Prior to coating, IPS will determine that the proper level of cleanliness has been achieved.

“The internal “in-place” cleaning and coating projects that I have been associated with have all been completed in a highly successful and professional manner. Without a doubt, the crew, with their many years of experience, is more than capable of doing an excellent job.”

Leonard ChoateTenneco Gas Transportation